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XP Pro users on computer are always local admins

Eric B
Eric B asked
It's very odd.  I normally set up the new user as a local admin, configure all the software, then demote to local USER.

BUT on this one computer, even after restarting the pc, the dialog says they are level 'USER' but can launch the User Accounts applet just fine without an ADMIN password so I figure they have privelege everywhere.

Any ideas?  New users have the same thing and my concern is malware infection being easier.

We're in a Server 2003 domain but the users are standard users and the local USER level works on other PC's
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Are you sure they are not listed as a Power User? That group has privelages to install...
Sorry, to clarify, check the local machines groups to see if they are part of a local group on the computer that would give them permissions above the regular domain group permissions.

Eric BIT specialist


Correct, I use the limited 'user' level.

I usually use a shortcut

%windir%\system32\control.exe userpasswords2

and it should ask for admin password as it does on the other computers?

Eric BIT specialist


Aha - you held the answer.

The local admin group contained the domain admin group of which she was a user.

I took her out of that and we are back to normal, thanks for pointing me there.

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