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ASP.NET with Android App.

Hi All,

I have a ASP.NET based web application.

From this web application can i access android apps on a tablet? Can i use the Android Framework in .Net application?

I want to use the camera of the tablet to take pictures. I want to do this from within our  ASP.NET web application.

Another  example, if a user opens our web application on a tablet, i want to access latitude and longitudes using the gps on that tablet.
(Not interested in HTML5 geolocation API - Does not work for us.)

Thanks in Advance.
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You might want to have a look at MonoDroid.

Not used it myself, just kind of starting out with Android.

Though I think I might, I've only used Eclipse so far for Android.
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We have a working web application.
Is there any way to do this using a existing ASP.NET application?


So let me make sure I understand your goal here.  A user logs into your application / site from an android tablet and once they have authenticated, you want to control the camera / gps from the server application?  If thats the case, in my experience, thats probably not the best design.  The way i would do it is create an android application that is native to the platform and have that interact with your existing website.  I would create webservices and post data from the device to the webservice and allow that to update your database on the server side.  Keep in mind that the mobile platform API is the piece that will give you the GPS location / Camera access and that runs on the host platform ( androiid in your case ).  It can be done but, as i said probably not the best design and probably not worth the extra effort to make it happen.

That is exactly what we were planning.
Going for android app is the best way but what we need is very limited data.

If we can do it through we want to try it. As yo usaid it can be done, can you explain how we can do it through

Have you considered using Corona or Appcelerator.  If your team doesnt know android / android sdk / java then you could leverage one of these frameworks that actually allow you to build an android app with CSS and Javascript?  Let me think about how exactly i would make something like that work...

We are not aware of appcelerator or corona.
We will explore other options  but first we want to make sure  there is no way of achieving it through application.

If there is any way of doing it through we want to go that way.

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Hello binaryevo,

 Thank you for the information.
Could you please check in to the link below.. It mentions that there would be a way to forward some SDK methods to the javascript side of the web application..

Is there any way like that?

If it is possible, we have some things to do like, accessing the GPS in the tablet and accessing the Camera.. where we can open the camera to take the pictures from our application which is opened in the Android browser..

Appreciate the help
The reason why we are not going with Android app is, the user may browse this web application from a different OS.
Thanks for the Information