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Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

We have a laptop hard drive that was encrypted with Windows BitLocker.  The user left the company and the machine was deleted out of Active Directory before thedrive was decrypted, so we have no Recovery Key to use and we don't have the user's PIN.  Is there any way to decryp the drive?
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Short answer no. Drive encryption is designed to prevent against exactly that type of situation. If there is a TPM chip installed the key is stored in the chip and usually you can boot to the computer without needing a recovery key (usb stick or passphrase).

Can you get into Windows?
Ivano ViolaSystem Administrator

Have you tried to recover the computer object from Active Directory? There are tools you can use that will recover deleted objects, including its attributes. Here is a good article:

We found away to read the drive by hooking it up as a secondary drive on a domain PC and entering the 48 digit bitlocker recovery..so the issue has been resolved.


Because that worked and the other two didn't

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