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Incoming Exchange emails lost

Just installed a SBS2003 server with Exchange.
Email is held at ISP until we download it, so configured it on the server by creating accounts in the POP3 connector manager linked to each relevant AD user's mailbox.  
The emails are getting downloaded from the ISP whilst the POP3 and Exchange services are running (I proved this by logging onto our ISP's wemail system and could see all the email sitting there, but after starting the Exchange & POP3 services and re-checking the webmail a few minutes later the emails were all gone), BUT..... they aren't appearing in the users' mailboxes (all using Outlook 2003). The Exchange accounts are definitely set up correctly in Outlook on each workstation (I've done this 100s of times & definitely ok), and the usernames resolve ok against the Exchange server, so in other words the workstations are connected to Exchange, but they aren't pulling in the email.
I've gone through all the tips suggested in Microsoft's KB885685 and checked through all the folders where it states that the emails may be stuck (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows SBS\Networking\POP3\...  &  C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\VS1...), but alas they aren't there!
This is really worrying as there are some important emails we need. They MUST be in the server SOMEWHERE, but where???
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i assume you tried this, but cn you logon to the oWA and see if there is any mail?
Also are there any event logs?


Not seeing anything relevant in Event Viewer
The mail is NOT showing in OWA for any user
Tried creating the pop accounts in Outlook Express on the server and they DO come in that way, but I already had virtually proved that the POP3 connector is working ok on the grounds that when it's active, the email vanishes from the ISP's server. So it IS getting pulled into the server but getting lost/stuck on its way to the users' mailboxes. Intensely annoying!

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