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Looking for an inventory app for Droid...

comptechmike asked
Here's my scenario: I'm the network admin for a portable toilet company (yes, portable toilet companies need network admins these days, lol). For some reason my boss seems to think I'd be perfect for finding an app to inventory our units, even though I know absolutely nothing about inventory management.  We want to be able to print our own barcodes or QR codes (yes, I realize we'll probably have to buy some kind of printer for this), slap one on every unit (several thousand), then when a unit leaves the yard, we'd like to scan it and reduce inventory count by 1.  When a unit returns to the yard, we'd like to scan it and add +1 to inventory count of that unit type.  We've got a couple dozen different types of units.  Bonus if the software can transmit data back to one of our PC's or our SQL server here in the office, so we can use multiple handheld Droid phones/tablets/etc. to keep track of inventory from our desk.  Bonus #2 if the software supports multiple yards, so we could say "I've got qty. 20 of the blue standard units at the east yard, and qty. 10 of them at the west yard", that sort of thing.

Any help would be appreciated, this project is making me want to strangle myself, thanks. :'(

PS - I purchased "Inventory Droid" already, but it seems too complicated for what I need it to do.  Also trying "Inventory" now, off the market, but damned if I can even get a barcode scanned into either of these programs. The "Barcode Scanner v3.7" just sits there and blinks it's red line at me, and I've tried scanning everything I've got laying around my office - Dell boxes, video card boxes, etc. Only once did the rotten thing actually recognize a barcode...  :-/

...note that each unit would have it's own unique barcode & serial number, if that makes a difference...
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For advanced inventory like that, I'd really suggest going with a real solution from a company like http://www.accusort.com.

If you really want to keep it on the cheap end you may want to get barcode scanners and use an access database. Cell phones being used for scanners aren't reliable from my experiences, and don't deal with poor lighting, and dirt very well.


Never found a solution to this question.  :(

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