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How to retain iPad contents after stolen laptop

I need recommendations to recover content from a user's iPad after their laptop was stolen.  If they just connect and sync, it would wipe out the contents on the iPad.  The key content to save is tons of photos.  If I could also transfer purchased apps, that would be a bonus.  Any suggestions?
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Purchases can be transferred to a new computer/itunes provided that the same iTunes account is authorized on the new machine, so that's ok.

Photos are trickier.  I would get an app that allows you to send them elsewhere: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photosync-wirelessly-transfers/id415850124?mt=8 and put them on DropBox, Picasa, etc. and then you can get them back after the device gets wiped.


OK, thanks for the tips.  I'll see him tomorrow and try it.  I just sent him the link, so maybe he can get started on that.  I'll post an update tomorrow.


That solution work perfectly.  Thanks!

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