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CSS Background Image and Dinamic height issue

error77 asked
Hi all,

I have a problem with the design ... SEE IMAGE ATTACHED.

The design is 990px and centered.

I need to make it look like it's stretched 100% so I would cut a pixel width and full height and set it as a BG Image in the body.

That would work IF the middle (White Part) wouldn't stretch in height.

My question is...how can I do this and stilll allow for the white part to grow and shrink in height?


Steven Image example
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Top Expert 2011
You need to split it up.

1- one image for the top (red and maroon, repeat horizontally)
2- one image for the middle (white, repeat horizontally and vertically)... though you could just set the background color and not bother with the image at all)
3- one image for the bottom (blue, repeat horizontally)

This way your top will be red and maroon, the middle will be all white, and your footer(?) can have the blue background.

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