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mkramer777 asked
We have an application for employment on our website that allows you to fill out the app and then print it and scan it to email.  You also can save the app (it is a pdf) and fill it out and then email that pdf to our HR coordinator.  How would I go about being able to have users fill out the app on the website and then have a button that would send the app to an email address?  The button would say email to:   Would I do this within Adobe Pro?
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According to this link it appears that you SHOULD be able to do it with Standard instead of Pro.

However, I tried this with a previous version and could not get it to work with Standard.  However, that was a previous version and maybe things have changed.

They do offer a Trial version of Pro here:

Sadly, it does not appear that they offer a trial version of Standard.  Also, comments on their forum leads me to believe that they do not offer a trial version of Standard.

Hope this helps.


So you can't do it with Pro?
Sorry if I wasn't clear.   Standard is cheaper than Pro because it is less powerful than Pro.

So what I was saying is that from the chart in the first link, it looks like you might even get away with the cheaper version (standard) rather than Pro, since anything you can do with standard, you can do with pro - and more.  

But aside from that chart I showed you, it is slightly unclear if you can do it with standard and in my experience with a previous version, you could NOT do it with standard..

Re Pro - It appears you should be able to do it wiht Pro, but you can remove all doubt by trying the 30 day free trial version of Pro.   That's the second link I gave you.

Hope this is clearer.

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