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Copy multiple outlook pst files to server

maharlika asked
We have outlook email (no exchange server) and are moving to google apps.  I have to copy all users' pst files over to a server then upload to google. The google outlook migration tool has to run as local admin, so I can't use that on 100+ users, most of whom are not admin status.  So I'd like a script that copies *.pst from their profile when they log on to the windows domain.  We have both XP and Win7 users. (1) Is there a script I can run that will copy these files from their windows profile to a folder on the server that has the same user name as their profile?
(2) I did a manual test to copy the pst files using dos:

c:\copy C:\Documents and Settings\jdoe\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\*.pst \\acmh01\public\tpsmail

It said "The system cannot find the file specified." but when I changed the root directory to  C:\Documents and Settings\jdoe\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\, this command worked fine.  Why can't it do it from the default directory?
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You can try PSTSTation Corporate from http://www.addonmail.com
This product allows to detect PST files on computer (scan network) and then apply action like move PST file

>Why can't it do it from the default directory?

Is that on win 7?
Win 7 has a rather annoying 'virtual path' feature that can get in the way of moving files around with scripts. I expect it's all there for our protection, but can trip you up if you're not aware of it.
Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic Evangelist

If you are snapshotting PSTs for migration, you will probably want to have dual delivery configured between your current email service and Google Apps to avoid data loss, unless after migration you will be putting Google Apps Sync for MS Outlook (GASMO) on each desktop.

The migration tool (GAMMO) can only do one user at a time on each machine it runs on.  If you are interested, you can deploy multiple virtual migration servers in a cloud environment to move the process along faster.

Send me an email off-line if interested.

re the 'virtual path', here is one example from a 2008 with uac enabled, perhaps you have this?

On Windows 2008 with UAC enabled run WinZip normally and then browse to a folder (or type a folder name) it puts the files in a different place without any warning.
I browsed to C:\ Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps and hit extract.
The file didn’t appear. A search found it in C:\Users\thisuser.mydomain\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps

Microsoft Outlook MVP
Because you have to place quotes around path like that (you path contains spaces):
C:\copy "C:\Documents and Settings\jdoe\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\*.pst" \\acmh01\public\tpsmail

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I personally suggest you to use the enviroment variables (1: Windows Vista/7, 2: Windows XP):
C:\copy "%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Outlook\*.pst" \\acmh01\public\tpsmail
C:\copy "%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\*.pst" \\acmh01\public\tpsmail

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What was the fix maharlika?

There were two suggestions in your selected answer.

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