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VMWare ESXi 4.1 / IBM Bladecenter H / Cisco 3012 switch configuration

tiptechs asked

We have an IBM Bladecenter H series with 2 blades.  There are 4 Cisco CBS 3012 modules in the chasis which uplink to a Cisco 3750 stack.    We are setting up VMWare HA and were looking for an overview of the  proper setup of the CBS 3012 switches so that there is load balancing / failover on the VM's.  
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Generally this is handled in the vSwitches you create.  If you want load balancing, then set the Load Balancing for the vSwitch (under VM Network Properties) to "Route Based on IP Hash".  At the switch level, just make sure all the port attached to the hosts physical NICs are setup for trunking.  Setup like this, ESX can load balance all day long.  And for failover, you can either just add multiple vmnics to the NIC Team, or specify NICs that are standby and they'll only be used if an active NIC fails.  Hope this helps...


Thanks L4Net.   Most of the stuff that I have found with standard Cisco switches shows to setup a port channel on the switches for load balancing and teamed nics.    From what I have found by testing is that  you don't need to setup a portchannel.   I just want to be sure with the 3012 setup to make sure load balancing works and we are utilizing the 3012 switches correctly.

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