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Viewing new folders in a shared mailbox

Jigo asked
We have a system set up in the past that uses shared mailboxes accessed by multiple people per site.  Each person has several mailboxes they have to look at which is cluttered in outlook and is a nightmare to set up when a new mailbox is needed as it has to be added to each outlook profile on each computer at multiple sites.

I'm attempting to set up a generic mailbox for each site and then have folders at the root of the mailbox for each of the old mailboxes using server side rules based on incoming smtp address to sort the incoming mail to the appropriate folder.

The kicker is we want these users to only see the folders they have permission to view and not see all the other clutter of the associated contacts or calendar or other folders.

I can go in and give owner permission to the folders to the user but they cannot see the folder when the mailbox is added to their outlook.  If I modify the exchange account and give them "Full Mailbox Access" they will then see all the folders including ones they shouldn't see.  

At this point, I can remove Full Mailbox Access from their permissions and viola, they can only view the individual folders they are supposed to see.

However, this creates problems for future implementations of adding a new folder that we are trying to solve with this process.  I've been trying different permissions settings and need the most restrictive permission I can grant on the mailbox that can allow them to view any new folders they've been given access to see.
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Why don't you use Public Folders? Seems like a much simpler solution.


Thank you very much for the suggestion, and actually it's one I'd considered and disarded.  On your suggestion I've revisited the idea and done some exploring and testing of it.

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, as I have little experience with Public folders as we are not heavy users of them.  Most of what we have are a handful of shared calendars and that's it.

The problems I can see with using Public Folders are as follows:

1.  Biggest one is retraining our people.  Since I cannot see a way to have Public Folders appear on the default view of the mail tab, our users will have to perform extra steps in order to see this using the folder view.  I know we all think our users are technically challenged but I certainly have many who are.  I don't want to be hearing from hundreds of users that they missed sales opportunities because they didn't see messages come in because it wasn't on the default view.

2.  It looks like in order to allow messages to come in as other than IPM.Post messages we'll need to perform some configuration changes.  This is something that I'd have to explore but would prefer to handle this when we migrate to 2010 next year.

3.  Unless the above mentioned config changes fix this, I'm not seeing a way to make public folders show unread messages in them in Outlook the way you see it on mailbox folders.

Right now I've got the other solution working with the exception of them being able to see new folders that they've been allowed to see and I'd like to move forward with that but am stuck on it at the moment.
I may have solved this now, testing at the moment.

It looks like giving Reviewer Permission solves the abililty to see new folders.

More information on this page:  http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2006/01/25/418099.aspx
Yes, you're right, it does take raining people, but in my experience people really like public folders, and once they are used to it they will probably like it. But yours may be different.


I was able to solve the issue on my own and posted the fix.

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