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Google voice

I had google voice in my Sprint EVO 4g phone and I uninstalled it, but how do I hear my messages and reply to texts?
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Keith BrownAWS System Administrator

Either reinstall the app, or try loading http://www.google.com/voice/

You might not be able to load the site on your android device though.
You can also go directly to the site on a computer and listen to everything there.

But the best thing is to go to the site and set it up so it sends you an e-mail when you get a message (you click it and read the message) and it sends you a text when you get a message - it will also send texts directly to your phone.

This method does not involve installing any apps.

You may also want to consider looking into YouMail, which will allow you to set it so anyone calling your cell directly (not your GV number) will get your customized voice mail.  That will also send you e-mails and texts that you received a message, you can even pay to have your VMs transcribed and e-mailed to you.  It also allows you to set custom greetings and more.

It wouldn't replace GVoice but would help you if anything ever happens with your phone, you'd still have access to your VMs and would be able to change your VM message to tell people that your phone is currently MIA and to call you on another number.

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