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SBS 2003 Sharepoint 2.0 network access

I'm trying to get a Sharepoint site accessable to network computers. I'm not sure what the path or URL should be.

I have a working site at http://companyweb/website/default.aspx which works on the local serv er. But I cannot get it to work on other network computers. For example, I try http://servername/website/default.aspx or http://serverIPaddress/website/default.aspx
but it won't load. The web site is up, I'm just not sure how to turn the local URL (http://companyweb/website/default.aspx) into a URL I an access from other computers...

The website was built through Manage sites and workspaces>New Sharepoint site and I used a template for use.

Seems like a simple thing...thanks!
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The same URL, http://companyweb/website/default.aspx, that works on the local server (SBS) should work from all the workstations.  The SharePoint site in SBS makes use of two features:
1) a host header ("companyweb") in IIS, and
2) a CNAME record in DNS (which directs requests for "companyweb" to go to "servername")

The host header is why requests to "http://companyweb" and "http://servername-or-IP" don't go to the same place.  If just #2 were in place, they would.

Sounds like the site the settings are all in place on the server since you can browse to it from there.  Are all the workstations pointing to the SBS (and only to the SBS) for their DNS?  To check name resolution, run the following at a command prompt:
nslookup companyweb
nslookup servername
Both should return the same results.

Post back with results if you still can't reach the site.
"The website was built through Manage sites and workspaces>New Sharepoint site and I used a template for use. "

Sounds like you did not allow the SBS installation to create the default SharePoint site.  As such your companyweb may not be fully functional if you want to integrate the faxing feature.  The recovery tools CD will point you to the location on the C drive that has the bits to reinstall SharePoint and it will create the site for you.  Once created you can change the theme.

Everything that footech pointed out is spot on and your manual creation of the site likely did not create the needed DNS entry.


All the network clients use the SBS for DNS (and only SBS). Companyweb was added to the DNS server.

I finally got back to it today....and it works fine. Not sure what happned except that perhaps the DNS changes didn't propigate or something...not they would anywhere.,

It nice to know the process though, thanks!


Good to have a couple simple troubleshooting steps....

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