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Multiple domain on exchange 2010 but want each domain to send using a unique IP address

stpracer asked
We have exchange 2010 set up on server 2008 enterprise.  We host this for approximately 20 school districts.  We have a problem when one district does something "silly" like giving out their password.  That the SPAM storm then affects everyone since we are only using one outbound ip address.

I would like each domain to use their own address that will not affect others.  

Is this possible with exchange?  And how do you do it?  
Thank you,
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AkhaterSolutions Architect

The short answer is yes it is doable but it won't be easy, it is not exactly out of the box configuration

1. Exchange in itself does NOT support sender domain based routing you will need to do your own code to support this

2. You will need to find a way in this code to grab the source IP you want for the corresponding domain

I know I am not giving you the full answer but I am telling you it is doable and showing you how I never did it :)
Solutions Architect
if point 2 is too hard you could deploy an edge server and create a send connector for each domain and use the Set-SendConnector with the SourceIPAddress parameter (only available on edge)

and use the send domain based routing provided to bind each domain to a send connector


This led me to two different solutions.  They got me the perfect answer thank you.  great direction.  

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