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How do I remove an invalid SCP record from Active Directory?

I am troubleshooting a problem with Outlook 2010, when launched it comes up with a popup saying "Your account was redirected to this website for settings". See the attached pic. This occurs every time Outlook is launched, even when selecting "Don't ask me about this website again". I understand that Outlook is looking in Active Directory for the SCP record, when it doesn't find it, it then redirects to the site shown in the message. This problem started when we removed our internal Exchange server and started using Hosted Exchange. How can I prevent Outlook from looking to AD for the SCP record? Or is there another better solution to prevent these popups from occurring.
Outlook 2010 Popup
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Check the below link about How to suppress the AutoDiscover redirect warning in Outlook 2010

How do I remove an invalid SCP record from Active Directory