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ipad sonicwall vpn rdp

eg252 asked
I got my iPad connected to my sonicwall using global VPN client. But when i try to RDP to the 2003 server behind the sonicwall I can only get in using Administrator. I need to be able to RDP with other users. When I try to log in using any other user I get the following message "Unable to Log You on Because of an Account Restriction" it times out and throws me off. I know that the VPN is definitely connected properly and when I use administrator I definitely CAN use RDP.
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Your best option here is to create a group in Active directory called term-serv users or something similar, add the remote users to that groups, and add that group to the remote desktop users on the server.  If this server is a Domain controller, I would you would have to perform some tasks in the default domain controller policy.  If this is infact a DC, I would highly recommend against giving users access to it.
IT Director
What RDP app are you using? If you are trying to connect to a Terminal server, then you will need to use PocketCloud which has the API support for TS connections.
Most other apps do not support this.


the ipad needs to rdp into a program on the server. there is no security worries here.. this is for the boss himself.. im trying with the rdp lite from mocha.. is pocket cloud different? is this a windows issue or a sonicwall issue? i assume it has something to do with windows because administrator can get on, but when administrator gets on they are using the console screen and that i cant allow - i need just regular rdp..
James HIT Director

As SuperTaco stated, this sounds like more of a security issue since you are just allowing one user (non-admin) RDP access to the server.
Make sure they are part of the Remote Desktop users group in AD and Remote Users group locally on server.

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