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Where can I find all Active Directory attributes?

I've been looking for a while and have only found a few websites that have maybe 10 or so attribute names for Active Directory/LDAP.

I finally found this one "http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms675090(v=VS.85).aspx" but howcome I don't see "distinguishedName" on that list?

In Active Directory Explorer by SysInternals, I can see hundreds of Attributes in the search box, for the "User -- user" class, for example, but cannot find a website that has all of these listed.

Or is there a way to view all of them from PowerShell or Quest ActiveRoles' powershell?
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The list you found is good.  Richard has a really good spraedsheet on his blog


schema.xls is the file name you will download.

The Quest wiki has a list also   http://wiki.powergui.org/index.php/Get-QADUser

DN is a bit different it is not stored on the object as a string

more on the DN here  

But including distinguishedName on each object this way is misleading, because the distinguishedName attribute is not stored as a string on each object....


With Quest Active directory cmdlets use:

get-qaduser <username> -includeallproperties | Format-List * > C:\ADAttrDump.txt

Now you can open that text file and see all the properties for the object stored in AD.


Great  that does help. Ty for providing.

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