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Outlook opening with blank emails

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I have a user who regularly opens emails and they are blank.  She then has to close down Outlook 2007, restart it and the come back to life again for a while until it happens again.

It just happened and I SS the image I have attached form the even logs.

I have just fully patched her system with the latest service packs and updates.  Any ideas?

Windows 7 SP1
Exchange 2007
Outlook 2007
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Top Expert 2012

1st check sp2 is installed

Then check that your antivirus integration with Email / Outlook is disabled

This is a known issue in 2007/2010


Whoops i forgot to attach the image.  Attached here for reference.

SP2 is installed and I'm not too happy about having to disable the AV integration from ESET.  There must be a way around this?  I have disabled for now but this makes me very nervous???



Even with SP2 and email integration disable for ESET the user has just reported it happening again.

Any ideas???
Top Expert 2012

Is there any other AntiSpam or anti malware applications on the PC?

If there is, disabel these as well and test


Not that I can see.  I've attached three images of all her installed programs.

I also just saw she had her wireless (not full signal strength) and cable NIC connected.  I just disabled her wireless for testing purposes as well to make sure that wasn't the issue.  I could see a couple of recent event log entries where it was saying the exchange connection was dropped and then restored.  they weren't errors but information entries.

Top Expert 2012

Close Outlook
Re-open Outlook using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

see if you can get someone to resend one of those "Blank" Emails

see if its still blank in safe mode

If its not, we know its a add-in issue, just need to find it


Well when you close and re-open outlook it fixes the problem until the next time it happens.

Since there is only an hour left in today until the weekend I will get this user to open outlook in safemode come Monday and start testing again then.

I will report back as soon as I have more information.



Thanks Apache, I think you're right on the money.

I opened in safe mode and the problem went away.  Got them to use normally again just to check and the problem came back.  And went back to safe mode one more time just to confirm all was well.

I've now started disabling add-ins to try and find the culprit.  I'm going to leave this thread open for now just until the problem is actually fixed.
Top Expert 2012
Looks like your on the right track now.

If it works in safe mode, we know its an add-in causing the issue.
You can disable them in Outlook

However, I preffer to use the registry as not all show up in outlook.

In the registry (Start>Run>Regedit)

Go to

Note any add ins listed
Then note each ones load behavior
Once noted
Change the load behavior of all of them to 0

Starting and using outlook will all of them set to 0 should see outlook performing as it should

Then go back and turn them back on, one at a time
Testing Outlook between each one
Until you find the one thats causing the issue.

Once you narrow down the add in causing the issue, you may then decide what to do with it

Leave as Load Behavior 0, or uninstall applicaition its associated to


So I got it first pop, bloody MS CRM plugin.

Passing on to the CRM team now.  Thanks for all your help!!!
Top Expert 2012

What Luck!

Glad to help

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