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Offline File Based Backup Software

I have about 1.75 Tb worth of data at home that I backup to external drive and store at a family members house. In the past I have used Goodsync to back this data up as I do changes /incrementals once a month and like to do a full every 90 days.

The goodsync being sync software seems to have a hard time doing the full backups. Is there something else I can use that will do better and more reliable backups at a faster pace and without locking up. I would prefer free but I can spend a couple hundred bucks if I have to.

I was considering some sort of rsync variation maybe but which one?

I had also looked at the free version of genie backup? Thoughts?
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BTW my system is windows 7 64 bit with 8gb ram
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Is cobian based on rsync?
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I'm pretty sure it's not.  You could try Delta Copy for rsync based backup.
If you are willing to pay then Acronis Backup and Recovery is the choice

If you are looking for a free one then go for

Both offer incremental backup facility.
Its better to have a full backup once and then incremental backups. It would throw less traffic over your network and would save space on the storage device as well
Define the tasks at the off-peak hours, in acronis you can even define the data transfer speed over network as well
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Just to clarify this is for my home pc and I have a drobo NAS at home that all my data is on. I back this up to a external usb HD with my computer then take it offsite.
The only reason I was looking at rsync is because it does backup at block level so it seems would be faster.

I am not looking to do imaging as I use shadow protect desktop for that.

Is acronis still the choice for file backup? Does it do block level like rsync?
i would not do it like this
Reason is if the primary backup is corrupt same will be copied to your external usb
I prefer defining two different tasks and uploading the backup directly at two different places
thus i never used any rsync with acronis
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I tried Genie Backup Manager and it seems kinda clunky and locked up my machine.

I was going to try Novastor Nova Backup Next

Anyone have experience or opinions on it?
Have you tried the programs I suggested?
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