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Consolidate & migrate Sharepoint Servers: WSS 3 to Foundation

Consolidate WSS 3.0 sharepoint servers on single Foundation server.

I have a mess of WSS 3.0 sharepoint servers that never grew beyond a few hundred megs each.  Now, I'd like to migrate them all to a single sharepoint foundation server.  The old WSS 3 version ran the embedded edition of MSSQL and II need to first attempt installing Foundation on the express version.  (the combined data is well under 4 gb)

## WSS 3.0, 2003, 32-bit ##
  http://site1  (ip:
  http://site2A (ip:
  http://site2B (ip:
  http://site2C (ip:
  http://site3  (ip:
  http://site4A (ip:
  http://site4B  (ip:

## Sharepoint Foundation 2010, 2008, 64-bit ##
Server1 - ip:

Its somewhat daunting!  THough I've successfully migrated stand alone servers from WSS 3.0 to foundation via the database attach method, I'm not certain how to consolidate them.  I'm concerned about conflicting database names (WSS_Content is always the same).

I've tried renaming the old sharepoint databases first through SQL eXpress.  So far, this tactic is failing miserably.  (I'm connecting to WSS 3 via \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query - and trying to follow these instructions http://www.loginworks.com/blog/index.php/2009/09/23/rename-database-files-both-physical-and-logical-ms-sql-server-2005/)

Any other methods I should try?
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You could always create a new content database on the servers that have the same name. Something like WSS_Content_ServerX_DB. Then use the mergecontentDB command to move your sites into that new content database. See link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc825323(office.12).aspx

You could then build your new Foundation Farm. Build out the Web Application and any needed managed paths that you want the site collections to live under. Then attach those databases into the New Foundation Farm, upgrading the databases, and adding your site collections under the Web App.

There's a few steps involved, but I think it'll get you there.


OK, Thanks!  That info will serve me well.

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