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VPN to Server for access to a Floating License

I have a cad program that has a floating license that was ported to our server, that can be used
by any of our computers that have the program installed. It will only allow the license to be used on 1 comptuer at a time. There is no problem accessing the license on our netwok, but we have some remote users that work at home and have the software installed on there system and would like to use it at home, but Im not sure how to set up an access to our server over the internet to get to the license file. I thought about trying a VPN solution but I have no experience setting up a VPN. Our server is a 64 bit SBS 2008R2 and the client machines are 64bit Windows 7. Any suggestions appericated.
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Setting up the VPN on SBS 2008 is fairly easy.. Try this tutorial:
DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity Engineer
basically they will jump into the server from their remote spot and then be able to operate as if they were in te office.
as long as you get the PCs connected in and they 'agree' on the tunnel parameter sit is very secure

this type of VPN is called transport mode
from a single client back into the network

there are many ways to grant access to office equipment from home
this is an ideal way...but if it doesn't work there are many alternatives
OpenVPN.net will give you a freeware solution to VPN, without the cryptic Microsoft "Help."  You'll need to port forward a selected port through the firewall/router.  


Thanks, All the info was helpful. I split up the points according to the helpfullness of each solution. Thanks againg for the fast response.

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