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Multiple host headers? Acess the same site via 2 domains(internal/external)

my technical side is telling me its impossible but i shall ask anyways

i have iis6 setup with multiple web sites, one external ip, multiple host headers
i use a hostheader like "mysite" instead of mysite.domain.com to give our internal users a faster access, faster url to access the site.

id like to also have an external address for the same site in format that i create. for instance jhsdlfh293858223=4sdjasd.mysite.com

i have CPANEL WHM / DNS Editing
IIS6 on local server
Windows 2003 SBS Domain Controller with DNS ability

is it possible to assign MULTIPLE host headers per site.

Id like to have the same site accessed as internal "mysite" domain - created by issuing an A record on internal DNS system, and the same site being able to access outside of our network, available on the world wide web(public domain) using something like jhsdlfh293858223=4sdjasd.mysite.com (mysite.com being the domain that i own and have fully delegated DNS privileges)
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Your wording is a bit confusing.  If I'm understanding your question correctly, sounds like you want split DNS, check out the following links


by default, no host header means the site is accessible by any address.

Remove the host header and this website will be the default site for any address, other than those listed with specific host headers.


mattgibson.ca link worked like a charm

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