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My OS is windows 7 and whenever I am in the internet using IE9, I seem to see a new tab called contaxlive.com.  Not sure what this is, is it a spyware or malware? thank u.
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The domain contaxlive.com is located on a server in the Bahamas.  When I go to it, it looks like a parked domain.  However, at the top of the page it says "come here often? Make contaxlive.com your home page."  

Possibly you clicked that link and now it is trying to take you to that site as your new home page.

I am leery of clicking it to see any more.  If you are seeing that whenever you open your browser, you can change your home page to something else.

The other thing is if you are worried that some malware was installed, download and run malwarebytes (malwarebytes.org).  It is free and it is a great malware checker.

Hope this helps.
Ivano ViolaSystem Administrator
As a precaution I would run Malwarebytes.

Does this tab open automatically when you first open IE or does it appear during browsing? Did you check to see if the website is listed as one of you startup tabs? Tools - Internet Options - General tab


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