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created account on exchange 2007 but not accepting email

fstinc asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
created account on exchange server 2007 but not accepting email. what settings can i check? i get "user unknown" bounced emails from the server.
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Do you have an external mail service like Postini?  If so you need to create the user on that system also.

If not try the simple things like spelling...  

If this is not the issue try to delete the account and copy an existing user (by right clicking on existing user) and recreate the account.
Can you elaborate? Is this the first user on the system? Is the problem sending internally or from an external source.

Have you configured accepted domains for the domain your using, does the mx dns record point to your exchange server, have you modified the default recipient policy to add the correct email address to the users?

If you need to know how to do any of these post here an we shall post some links for you.


ok i got it to work.

the question now is how do i forward to an external email account at yahoo.com as example?

on Exchange 2003, i would create a contact and then forward to that contact on the users's profile but i can't seem to accomplish that on this version (small business 2008 server/exchange 2007)

You create a contact exactly the same, the contact has the external address.

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