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Moving DFS to a new server

Hi I would like to know my apporach i need to move a dfs form on server to another is there a good way to do that

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1.      Export the current DFS links:
dfsutil /root:\\DOMAIN\Proj /export:proj-dfs.txt
2.      Remove the DFS links and root using the MMC
3.      Run DFSUTIL using the /clean option as specified here
4.      Run:
net stop dfs
net start dfs
5.      Delete the folder structure of the old DFS root (volume E, \DFSroot\Proj)
6.      Create another folder structure for the new DFS root (volume I, \DFSroot\Proj)
7.      Share the new Proj folder and assign NTFS and share permissions accordingly
8.      Using the MMC, create a new domain-wide DFS root (called “Proj”) pointing to \\SERVERB\Proj
9.      Import the DFS links using:
dfsutil /root:\\DOMAIN\Proj /import:proj-dfs.txt /set


Hi Thanks for your answer but is there a way without downtime like reduce the downtime

my idea is to migrate the actual DFS to a new server VM and tryinf to reduce the down time

my idea is to add the new vm to the root so it can replicate the data to the new vm after sync i will try to export the link and then import it to new vm for sure before import it i need to change the name of the new server and then import it back by doing this way i think we reduce the downtime

please let me know if this valid or i miss something


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