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SBS 2011 pop3 mail retrieve 5 mins, can it be faster?

phucdk asked
Dear Expert Exchange,

Thank you for your forum, great helps. It has been helped me a lot by searching problem similar to my case. However, now i am stuck at this point. My company is upgrading SBS 2003 to SBS 2011, and my boss ask me help him since I know a little bit in networking. For the safety reason I would not dare to do the migrate by using answer file, instead I do a clean setup on new server. Here are my questions

- So far, the new server is working fine, I am still testing on it. But there is a problem that when I send mail from outside to my company email, it takes very long to receive or I have to click to retrieve now button on the server like you see in the picture and then the client can get mail from his/her laptop.

**the minimum it allows me to set is 5 minutes :(

I don't know how is the setup in SBS 2003 since it had been setup before I work here. But when I tested on SBS 2003 system, sending a mail from outside, the mail come instant. And of course my boss also also wants me to help him setup the mail fast like in his old server.

Is there anyway I should do or configure to let the client receive mail in few seconds like the old SBS 2003?

Another question is, I have managed export all the mail of users in SBS 2003 exchange to pst files by using Exmerge.exe. Now I want to import these pst files to new exchange 2010 with same user, could you please guide me how to do this?

Thank you for your time, sorry for the long post but this is my best try in English.


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2003 used to be 15 minutes
the best solutions is to get a fixed Ip, and change your MX records to point your mail direct to the exchange server.
this will make it a lot easier to have/modify mailboxes, mail aliases etc etc
there is a GFI product that will pop your mail quicker than the 5min interval - but it has been a while since i needed to use it - and it isnt free.


Thank you for your respond. My company has a fixed IP, but I am wondering that whether the MX records has already pointed to the old exchange server since the clients can get mail instant at the moment?

Or I have to login to the router and add the new IP(local) address of the new exchange 2010 to the router (I am not sure if I hit the point?)

yep - login into the router and change the port forwarding to the new exchange servers Ip -
i was assuming you were popping from an isps hosted mail  - not popping from your old server.


Thank you wolfcamel,

Yes, I get mail from ISP hosted mail

And I got another problem is, the router IP address is and I tried to access to it but no luck at all, it did not prompt the username and password but it return the a page like you access to the internet but having no internet connection.

I have asked my Boss if I could reset the router and he said I can decide what I want to do but I am a bit worry what if the router has some its own setting from previous  setup the SBS 2003?

So far, what I understood in the company network is they are mainly use it for email. I am wondering if I reset the router, will it affected the SBS 2003 running at the moment?

If I reseted the router, regarding to the MX record, is it on the ISP side or in my router side?

you need to take a step back and make a plan.

document what you have and how it is working.
make sure you have usernames and password for the internet, the router etc.
if sbs 2003 is currently working - then you really need to make a plan for how you are going to move the email to the new server, and the suers to the new server and domain.

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