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Exchange2007  messages not showing up in Outlook.. for one day!

OmarSenussi asked
I have a weird one here!  Exchange 2007 on SBS2K8 premium.. fully patched..
today, several users have reported that their mail was not showing for one day (Wednesday)
Users with Blackberries were receiving all mailon device, but not in Outlook.
Non BlackBerry users were not receiving in Outlook or OWA.
normal operation resumed on Thursday.. but none of Wednesday's emails are showing.

Messages that I searched for in the message tracking troubleshooter in Exchange(for Wednesday) showed they had been delivered!.. but are not showing.. How can I get these back?
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Top Expert 2012

Sounds like a cached exchange mode issue

Turn off Cached Exchange mode on these PCs
Restart Outlook
If the emails are actually on the server, they should come back
If you had issues with cached mode the Everything would have worked in owa. It's good you tested owa as we know it's not a client issue.

My guess mail was stuck in the transport queue, you would need to check the event logs to establish why but BES works because it intercepts the messages prior to being processed by exchange.

I would also run some mailflow tests,



Thanks both.. As Radweld says, if it had been a cached mode issue, I would have seen mail in OWA, which is why I ran that test.. By the same token, since mail flow resumed on Thursday, I doubt there'd be any light shed on events on Wednesday if I ran the mail flow tests.. Or am I missing something here?
The thing I was trying to establish is, is there any way of getting those messages that show in the message tracking applet to show in the inbox? Or is the actual message gone and only the trace left?

It could be that because the transport services were down the messages ndr'd, contact one of the senders and see if try got any ndr's

If you check the event logs of the server you might did the answer, my guess is the server instigated back pressure to limit the flow of mail. If this is the am case then events will be logged stating as such. Many reasons cause a server to apply back pressure, the most common is lack of log space then high utilisation can also cause it. Back pressure limits the flow as I said in order to keep exchange alive instead of it falling over. Check the logs for the time frame in question and see what's was logged.


I guess Radweld was the closest..so he gets the points..

Thanks to you both.

Thanks did you find anything in the event log?


Ooooh Yes! .. apart from EventID 2436, the perennial location sts3://remote.domain.etc cannot be crawled, and 2424.. which drive me nuts and none of the fixes posted seem to do anything..! but that is another issue..

We have a whole raft of lovely errors from SQL to Blackberry to store.. All around 23:00 ..on the 2nd

Blackberry eventID 20000, controller won't generate user dump files userdump.exe or cdb.exe not found
EventID 17137 MSSQL$MICROSOFT####SSEE (description cannot be found.. very useful!
 EventID 2803 MSSQL$MICROSOFT####SSEE (description cannot be found.. very useful! .. again!!)
Blackberry Router event ID20000 SRPReceiverHandler Select failed with error code 10038
Blackberry EvenfID 15000 BlackBerry MDS connectrion  ... several
EventID 107 Report server Windows Service (MSSQLServer) cannot connect to the report server database
EventID 25137 Blackberry despatcher SQL server does not exist or access denied..
EventID 2052 Blackberry despatcher.. Open_DB failed
EventID 20645 Blackberry despatcher.. DBInit OpenDB failed

Looks like a toss-up between the Blackberry services and SQL?
Great fun eh?

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