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screen won't come on, changed bios setting and now no display

I was working on an HP that the screen would get to the loading windows and then go black.. you could hear the windows chimes that it had booted, but no display... so if found some info online about changing the bios settings to fix it... well..... no... now i have no display at all!!!!  I have taken the battery out of the motherboard, and there is a little toggle switch where cmos is and i've toggled it with the power on and off... still nothing...  Sorry to say, but by memory, i can't tell you exactly which options i messed with.. it was 2 different ones.... both said PCI something or other...
Windows XP Pro
HP Compaq dc5750 minitower
S/N : MXM80208L0

On the motherboard it says windsor PCB rev 1.0
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you may need to leave the cmos battery out for a day for the bios to clear.
Login to BIOS back again and you will find an option "Load optimized defaults". Choose that, save settings and restart.
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Thank you archersio!!!  I was able to see the screen again for the bios, but now i am back to my original screen 1... Windows loading screen comes on and and then the monitor goes black with input not supported and then i hear the windows chime through the speakers.... Interestingly now though, just as i've been typing this, the pc rebooted itself.. repeated process... still no screen... Does work in safemode though.. wierd? yes.
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so booted in safe mode, went to device manager\display and there are (2) ATI display adapters, 2nd one named "secondary"... disable both and reboot, and i have the windows screen booted in regular mode.. once i change the display settings to a higher resolution, we have the input not support logo on the monitor.. so, i have the secondary active and the primary disabled and can't see anything again... even in safe mode... grrr.  .. I'm assuming i need to update a driver, but I need to refigure out how to see again.
As you know now, disabling both video adapters was a bad idea. I believe you'd have been better off deleting them.  :(  

Press the F8 key repeatedly before Windows starts loading until you get the Windows boot menu. Attempt to boot using last known good configuration. Not sure if that will work, but worth a shot.

Otherwise, you may want to attempt a system restore. You can find details here:

Drivers are here:
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so, it was only not booting to safemode with networking... booted to regular safemode and was able to reverse the enabled/disabled monitors... went to download drivers but it kept erroring when installing them.... re enabled both displays and was able to adjust resolution... still working... running virus scans on pc.... no reason any of this should be working, all i did ws change settings over and over.... not complaining, just doesn't make sense to me.. leaving question open for a bit to see if it crashes again.
With things "stable" it'd be a good time to create a new Restore point. I've had mixed results with restores, but it can be a lifesaver when it actually works when needed.
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I'm giving up for the night.... start loading spybot and the pc shuts down... boots back up, load spybot, shuts down like the power went out...  not spybot doing it either, just the time frame.. let it sit and it goes out just as well....   Still need your help, thanks! :)
Sounds like there is a serious system error occurring; but due to your Windows configuration, you aren't getting the chance to see what it is. Follow the instructions on this page to get some information from the BSOD:

Now, instead of immediately shutting down as has been happening, you'll likely instead see a blue screen with white text (known as the Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD). Don't be too alarmed. Just make carefully notes of what it says (but without going overboard - there will probably be a lot characters involved). The information you glean from the BSOD may be your best hope of tracking down the source of the problem.

Since the issue you originally reported has been resolved, I recommend closing this case and starting a new one to get more minds involved in resolving this new issue, which has evolved beyond the first one. I am off to bed myself and won't likely be able to assist you further until Friday night at best.

Good luck!
Hello, BriPC,

I didn't see any follow-up Question for your ensuing issue. How did everything pan out? Was the BSOD information useful?

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This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.