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International Site Clone

Hi Guys,

I am a novice to Drupal so please forgive my ignorence.

My client is an international manufacturing company. Their national site is being built in drupal and handed over to me. My client wants to make a clone of the same site and host them in different servers in spain, italy etc etc.With separate domain i.e - .es, .de etc.... for the dealers there. The client has organised translaters to translate the content on each page as the translate plug-in isn't good enough and we .

Here are my questions:

    What's the best way to clone a Drupal site or is there any documentation as to how to do it
    Can we keep the same site structure, images ..etc
    Do we need to re-install any of the mdoules/extensions if we do so (sorry for the lingo I am from a Joomla background)

Thanks for your help in advance.

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What you ask seems simple enough. Backup all the files from the main site. Backup the database. Install new databases on other servers and load the data in. Upload the files to the other servers.

You will need to update the sites/default/settings.php to work with the other databases. Make sure to empty (but not delete) any db table staring with "cache_" including the cache table. Make sure each server has the same capabilities. Change folder/file permissions in sites/default/files to match your main site.

The biggest challenge will be to keep your translated synced. Have fun with that if that is the goal.  ;)

Let me know if that helps inspire something.

Ah, also double check your .htaccess file for any domain specific setting which may or may not be there.

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