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Missing colors and choppy icons in only MS Office 2007 applications

MCaliebe asked
HI everyone...

Has anyone come across this issue?  I have a fresh install of Office 2007 from a known genuine copy. I instlaled it on an existing computer with windows XP, SP2.  Office apps are updated.  All my drivers are current and I have no problems anywhere else.

Problem: Any office program I open up is missing colors from the tool bars and all the icons are choppy.  Amost like it's a low resoluton, low color scheme.  I tried changing the office theme and it has no effect.  I posted a screen shot so you can see.

Any advice?  I didn't find anyting on the MS website or through Google.
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In your operating system system properties, under advanced and then in performance. click on settings and under visual effects check to ensure the option is not setup to adjust for best performance

This can be fixed by opening Device Manager and removing or
disabling the SMS Mirror driver. Restarting the system then allows Windows to
load using the correct video card driver.


I didn't have an SMS driver, but it prompted me to remove my existing Video cards from my system through device manager and let them reinstall.  problem solved.

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