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Android SDCARD files missing on droid but viewable by windows

vamail2 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12

I have a Motorola Bionic Droid.  I had successfully copied music to the SDCARD  on it at one point  from my WIndows PC.  Then I went ahead and stupidly installed the motorola "helper" app that installs when you plug in the droid.  After that my problem is that via WIndows Folder Explorer my music folder and all the music I copied shows up.  But, when I use ASTRO or the music app on the droid it can't find any of my music at all.  

God ..is this like the itunes nightmare that the helper app is removing the music folders because it tries to reconcile to folders on teh PC that don't exist?

I don't understand why the PC can see the music on the SDCARD and play it if I click on any song but the droid can't find them!!!

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Make sure you don't have the phone plugged into the PC when you try searching for the music with ASTRO. If the PC is still using the SDCard, the phone won't have access to it.


you are correct. But that isn't the issue. I don't have my phone plugged it in and I do have access to the sd card.
Can you check if the files are now marked as hidden?


I ended up just reformatting the whole phone.  it was a very weird thing. Windows explorer could see them on the sd card, just not the android.
That is odd. I wonder if somehow the Moto Helper marked them as Hidden, and you had Windows set to display hidden files, but not ASTRO. That's really the only thing I can think of.

Glad it's working now, sorry it took a format.


Ahhh.. now that is interesting!!! Good point!!!! If it ever happens again I will look for that scenario.