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extend a t1 demarc to  66 block in mpoe to 66 block in telco closet.

i have a job to extend 3 t1's from smartjack  located in mpoe outbuilding to router located in managers office. there is a 66 block in mpoe outbuilding and a 66 block located in telco closet inside building. I need to know where to punch down the cat5e cable onto the 66 block in the mpoe outbuilding and also where to punch down the cat5e cable onto the 66 block located in the telco closet.
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66 block in mpoe outbuilding




the smart jack is located top right hand side and the 66 block that leads to the 66 block in the telco room (close up picture above this one) is on the very bottom of this picture. I need to know where do i punch down the 3 t1's on this 66 block??
Each T1 should have 2 pairs (4 wires).. You need to basically find the pairs you need and punch down to the MPOE 66 block and write down which colors you are using..

For example.. if T1 # 1 on the MPOE 66 block you have the following pairs available

Blue/Green Green/Blue and Blue/Red Red/Blue then you would match those up inside the building..  The way I do it is since most T1's when using cat 5e wiring use the Orange and Blue pair I just write down on a notebook the conversion.. For example

T1 # 1

Blue/Green = Orange/White
Green/Blue = White/Orange
Blue/Red = Green/White
Red/Blue = White/Green

T1 # 2

Yellow/Green = Orange/White
Green/Yellow = White/Orange
White/Red = Green/White
Red/White = White/Green

and so on..  Just find (in your case) 6 empty pair on the 66 blocks.

1 -> RRING
2 -> RTIP
4 -> TRING
5 -> TTIP

If you are connecting the card to a smart jack (incoming line from Telco), then you need a straight T1/E1 Cable, which is identical to a straight Ethernet cable.