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Clean up C:\Windows Folder

murphyins asked
My issue is that on my Windows 7 Ultimate desktop, the C:\Windows folder is taking up about 30gb of space. I am currently running off of two 40gb SSD in Raid 0. I'm essentially trying to clean up space due to the fact that my Raid Configuration is pretty much full some how so I figured I'd start where the bulk of the space is being taken up. I've done virus scans, used Malwarebytes, CCleaner, and Advanced System care to try and do some basic clean up. As of right now I only have 7.5gb left out of the  74.3gb total. I'm trying to avoid reinstalling the OS if possible. Also, my main storage is a 1.5tb internal hard drive. Your help is much appreciated.


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Hi Natahn,

A quick solution to this is delete old UNINSTALL files automatically created while installing software.You can delete them by using  below steps:
1)Open c:\windows
2)Goto tools-->Folder options-->View-->(Enable) show hidden folders and files and remove right before
hide extensions for known file types and Hide protected operating sytem files in the same window
3)Then you can see uninstall files named like $NtUninstallKB914882$
4)You can delete all files like this

This may save your lot of space

One anathor solution for this isdownload free treesiza tool from belo lonk:

and run this  for c drive.Using this u can see files which are consuming most space.THEN U CAN DECIDE WHICH FILES CAN BE DELETED


I normally use SequoiaView to get a visual perspective on where the space has gone.

You can download it from here

Also check if there are any memory dumps in c:\windows\minidump\

Hope you find a solution.

Several other areas of possible cleanup Windows - Software Distribution - Download directory (where windows update downloads are remaining after their installation. Next C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Temp - there are typically also a lot of file leftovers in there. lastly C:Windows\temp - happy cleanup - enjoy the recovered drive space.


I see that there are two files in the C:\ directory called hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys. Each of them are taking up 10gb. Can these be moved?


i currently have my page file set for my 1.5tb drive while the C:\ is set to System managed. I then changed it to no paging file so does this mean that I can delete the pagefile.sys for the C-drive?
pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys are system files. One is to manage your page files (normally around 1.5x your RAM). Hiberfil.sys is for your hibernation info. I think if you turn off hibernation in power settings (in control panel), this file shrinks.
Hi Murphyins,

You can delete hiberfil.sys by following below steps.

Boot in Safe Mode and delete the file. Ensure that the hibernation is not enabled.
If you still cannot delete it use below steps

Click Start -> All Programs -> Accessories
Right-click Command Prompt
Select Run as administrator
Grant permisssion to change system settings
In this privileged command prompt window, enter: powercfg -h off

Poof! hiberfil.sys is gone -- instantly!

Note:-after deleting file reenable hibernate so that ur os will be ok

If you have set windows to use no pagefile you can delete the leftover pagefile.sys file. In case you dont want to use hibernation you can delete hiberfile.sys as well.


I had to type from the command prompt powercfg -h off and that fixed the hyperfil.sys. However I need to figure out how to get rid of the paging file on the C drive because I already have a custom one set on the storage drive.
Once you have set the pagefile to reside on another drive and have rebooted the server you can delete the old pagefile.sys
Regarding the size of the Windows folder, it may not be as big as it looks, due to the WinSxS folder and how it duplicates some files using hard links (which don't take up more space on your drive, but will report twice the space actually used when checked via explorer). More info here:

If you have installed SP1, you can reduce the WinSxS folder size by nearly 4GB by making SP1 permanent and deleting all RTM files:
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Thanks everyone, I've got my hard drive space back up to 29.8gb free. Although the Windows Folder is still pretty big, at least this is much better than having 1gb or 7gb free like I was yesterday.

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