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Install additional disks in server without breaking existing RAID 5 array and lose any data

neko69 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-08-14
I have a server with 3 disks in RAID 5 which are divided in two logical volumes (C and D).
I have 3 additional empty bays and 3 new disks... Can I install those new disks there and create new RAID 5 without interfere with existing RAID 5 - I don't want to lose any data
I'm very skeptic with this beacuse this server is in production with very important service on it (and unfortunatelly, it's a "single point of failure")
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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That is usually no problem at all, although it may depend on the RAID controller. Most servers even allow you to do this on the fly while the server is running. You just have to verify that it is hot-pluggable capable. Many controllers even allow you to extend the existing array on the fly (add more disks to an existing RAID 5 array and the additional space then gets automatically available within the disk management tool of your OS), but of course that's not what you need...

Of course it's needless to say that it is always important to have good, tested backups, not just for those times when you do something on the system...
You should have no problem as long as you Have room. Power down the server, add the drives, and enter into the configuration setting for your raid card. Select the three new disks for your raid 5 and initialize them.
If they need to be formatted I would do that beforehand. If you create the raid and then format, it will take a bit longer.
Hope this is what your looking for.


I also think that server have hot-pluggable support on raid controller. It's IBM xSeries 3650 m2 (not so old hardware), but I will check it in server's documentation.
I just wanted to clarify that I can install those new disks without any interfere with existing RAID 5 array...
Thanx guys...
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Just a further note for servers with hot-pluggable disks. On those it is usually advisable to keep the server up and running while replacing a dead disk with a new one. That is easier and often will not even require any other user intervention.
Sajid Shaik MSystem Admin

no problem at all... create a seperate virtual disk i.e vertual disk 2 and add these 3 disk to that virtual disk nd select raid 5.

so u'll get 2 raid 5 in server

if the server is dell

see this article


see this detailed article

all the best
I have added hot plug drives to my raid array in the past with no problems, they can be added in manually, then the server prepares them using the relevant array management utility.  you will likely have to create a new virtual disk to use the space, i dont think you can extend the capacity of the existing disks on your server.
Sajid Shaik MSystem Admin

hi toptom100

tere is is o extention it's a seperate array... with seperate virtual disk with raid 5....

it'll show as seperate drive or drives on server

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