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stupid outlook add-in

fstinc asked
I have a serious problem - I uninstalled a program calledn interwoven outlook connector and now outlook keeps crashing. Outlook works fine in safe mode but not in normal mode. how do i completely remove the add-in, it's not in the "trust center".
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Application Support Analyst
Most add-ins will be listed in COM Add-ins, but a few may be listed under Exchange Client Extensions, which on the dropdown with COM Add-ins. check there


there is still something triggering the addon - it's not checked under client extensions.  when i open outlook tries to open it and just hangs. is there a folder where i can delete manually? where else can i check?
What version of Outlook are you using?  It might be quickest to just uninstall it and reinstall? there may be a registry entry somewhere that is triggering the add in.  How was it installed? from an installation disc or using the built in add in feature in Outlook?

Check in start-up to see if there are any desktop clients that Interwoven is using. Ultimately, I would check in COM Add-ins for "Filesite, Desksite, Worksite, etc" these are all associated to Interwoven.


this worked. thank you!

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