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Looking for a Wordpress Great Editor for a Blog site

I have a wordpress blog site running on wordpress 3.2.1
I have a default editor (snap attached) which is not good enough to carry spell check, do html tag editing , add diagrams , carrying word style formtting & things like that.
I can't use any offline blog clients like blogjet, raven ,MS Writer etc.

I am looking for a good writing plugin/widget which will have plenty of these things.  If needed I am happy to pay for it. Please advise.


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Kamaraj Subramanian
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Installed this one but I am not able to see anything. Do I need TinyMCE  before I install TinyMCE Advanced?

I don't have access to ftp so I am trying to install thru wordpress admin panel. I looked for TINYMCE editor and scrolled tonnes of pages but I only see plugin list and not the main editor. Do you see if I am missing something here?

Many Thanks
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There is a plugin called tiny mce advanced available through the Wordpress admin that will add nearly all of what you are looking for.
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