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Large Pages

p99 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-11-11


I install oracle 11g r2 on am Red Hat Linux 5.7 Server. And also the db is installed. The db ist runing
but in the alert.log standig this text. What does it means?

Please Help me!

Kind Regards Manuel

Starting ORACLE instance (normal)
****************** Large Pages Information *****************

Total Shared Global Region in Large Pages = 0 KB (0%)

Large Pages used by this instance: 0 (0 KB)
Large Pages unused system wide = 0 (0 KB) (alloc incr 16 MB)
Large Pages configured system wide = 0 (0 KB)
Large Page size = 2048 KB

  Total Shared Global Region size is 4098 MB. For optimal performance,
  prior to the next instance restart increase the number
  of unused Large Pages by atleast 2049 2048 KB Large Pages (4098 MB)
  system wide to get 100% of the Shared
  Global Region allocated with Large pages

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VP Technical Sales
Normally memory is managed by the OS in 4KB pages. As Oracle manage it's memory in a great way it's better to give oracle pages much bigger than 4KB like 2MB.
This permit a faster access and tuning of the memory.

Tuning for large memory
Configuration for RH
Note that 11.2 is memory_target/memory_max_target will not work with huge pages.

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