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Windows Search 4.0 for XP install error

kalbarriman asked
No matter what advice I follow (from Google searches) I simply can not get Windows Search (so I can have Instant Search working in Outlook 2007 on my XP Service Pack 2 PC) to install. It gets 70% of the way through and then fails (see screen grab and log file attached. Erorr messageI've read to make sure Remote Desktop is turned on (it is) and also downloaded a couple of files from Microsoft, but it still stubbonly refuses to install.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
Most Valuable Expert 2012
Expert of the Year 2018

I think you need to upgrade to SP3 for XP for this to work. Search is newer than SP3.   I would upgrade to SP3 and also upgrade .NET Framework. Then try to install Search again. ... Thinkpads_User


Thanks for your suggestion thinkpads_user. Unfortunately that's another thing that won't install on my computer. I've tried at least twenty times over the past few years to upgrade to SP3 but it fails every time.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
Most Valuable Expert 2012
Expert of the Year 2018

If you cannot install SP3, then probably you need to backup your computer and re-install Windows XP. By now the computer is probably getting old, and may be due for replacement, but if you wish to keep it going, reinstallation should allow you to get to SP3 and then to install Search 4.

I do have all this running in my XP virtual machines, so I know it works, even though I now run Windows 7
... Thinkpads_User
Lionel MMSmall Business IT Consultant

I have had lots of problem on one system with Windows update issues so I eventually broke down and contacted Microsoft and believe it or not they did help and resolve the problem--yes, I was surprised as you may be and if it is a problem of Windows not updating they will help you free. Use this link to get things going


And if none of that helps you try this link and submit a error report to MS
Small Business IT Consultant
Here is what they suggested I do--if it helps you great, if not try the links above. Option 3 is what worked for me

Suggestion 1: Log on to the computer as an Administrator or a as user with administrative rights
Logging on to the computer as an Administrator or as a user with administrative rights allows Windows Update the proper permissions to install updates or, if your attempting to remotely connect to another computer to install updates, log on to that computer directly and attempt to install updates.

Suggestion 2: Temporarily disable the security programs for troubleshooting purposes only
This issue could be caused by third party applications. Let's first try disabling or uninstalling any third party security applications you may have installed on the computer. Please be advised that this is for troubleshooting purposes only. Once we have resolved the issue, the applications should be re-enabled or reinstalled immediately. If the third party security application is determined to be the cause, please contact the vendor for assistance. You may have a different security application not listed below that could also be causing the issue. Even if the firewall has been running for some time without any problems, new updates may create issues. Here is a list of the most common security applications:

Symantec Norton
CA Firewall
Zone Alarm
Panda Security
Sophos Antivirus
Comodo Firewall
Webroot Spy Sweeper

Once the third party security applications have been disabled or removed, please access the Windows Update web site again. If you encounter problems disabling these programs, we recommend completely uninstalling them while troubleshooting. Before uninstalling any application, please enable your Windows Firewall and ensure that you have the CDs or files needed to re-install the program.

Now try Update to see if the issue has been resolved. Please let us know if this step has resolved it. If not, please proceed to the next step.

Suggestion 3: Reset permissions
This step will reset the permission settings on this system, which may take some time. Your patience is highly appreciated.

Step 1: Download SubInACL (SubInACL.exe)
1. Please download the "subinacl.msi" from the following link and save the installation patch on the Desktop:

2. Please go to the Desktop and double click the downloaded file to install it.
3. Please select "C:\Windows\System32" as the destination folder during the installation (Note: We assume C:\ is the system partition). Later we will use this tool to reset the current permission settings on the machine.

Step 2:
1. Click "Start", "Run", type: "notepad C:\reset.cmd" (without quotations) and press "Enter". Choose "Yes" when you are prompted.
2. Copy the following commands and then paste them into the opened Notepad window:

echo off
secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\repair\secsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb /verbose

secedit.exe /analyze /db C:\WINDOWS\sectest.db /cfg C:\WINDOWS\inf\defltwk.inf /log C:\WINDOWS\security\logs\secanalyze.log

secedit.exe /configure /db C:\WINDOWS\sectest.db /cfg C:\WINDOWS\inf\defltwk.inf /log C:\WINDOWS\security\logs\secrepair.log

cipher /A /D c:\windows\system32\catroot\*.*

cipher /A /D C:\WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot\{F750E6C3-38EE-11D1-85E5-00C04FC295EE}\*.*



subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /grant=administrators=f

subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CURRENT_USER /grant=administrators=f

subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT /grant=administrators=f

subinacl /subdirectories %SystemDrive% /grant=administrators=f

subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /grant=system=f

subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CURRENT_USER /grant=system=f

subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT /grant=system=f

subinacl /subdirectories %SystemDrive% /grant=system=f

@Echo =========================

@Echo Finished.

@Echo =========================


3. After pasting the above commands, please close the "Notepad" window. Choose "Yes" when prompted to save the file.
4. Click "Start", "Run", type: "C:\reset.cmd" (without quotations) and press "Enter" to run the commands pasted.
5. You will see a DOS-like window processing the request.

(NOTE: This step may take several minutes, please be patient. When it is finished, you will be prompted with "Finished, press any key to continue".)


Lionelmm, thank you for your incredibly detailed suggestion. I will attempt this next week so I am writing now to simply acknowledge your post.


Fairly amazed at this (after so long trying). Yes your solution was 100% perfect. Option 3, (creating the batch file) was run. SP3 now installed perfectly, and after that Windows Search without a hitch. What a really detailed and yet simple to follow solution. I take my hat off to you.

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