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Adding new email domain to Exchange 2010

TedMorey asked
Hi - our company wishes to start using a new domain in order to receive emails. I am confident in setting up the DNS MX records in order to deliver the email messages to our Exchange 2010 server - but need some guidance on the steps I need to follow on the server. I still wish to receive emails using our old email domain. Also, I'd like to use the new domain in the default 'from' address for all emails that people send. Thanks Ed.
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Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

Just add a new accepted domain in the exchange console then edit your address policy to auto update your users with the a new email address on the new domain.


Sorry for being thick - what I was asking is, where do I find the things you've listed here?
Sr. Systems Engineer

Open Exchange Management Console....

Expand Organization Configuration, Hub Transport
Click Accepted Domains tab
Click New Accepted Domain on right menu
Add description and accepted domain name (just the xyz.com)
Click New to finish it.
Click on the Email Address Policies.
SBS servers will have an SBS Email Address Policy... you may have just a Default Policy. Either way, it will pretty easy to tell which policy is actually mapping your email addresses.

Edit the policy, next through the first and second pages. You should see %m@olddomain.com... you need to Add then enter the new domain in the Specify custom FQDN box... the top part should be set to Use alias, which is best.

Restart the transport services after commiting the changes to be safe. Then you should be good to go as long as your outside DNS changes have propagated.

Hope this helps.


BINGO - that was it - thanks!!
Gary ColtharpSr. Systems Engineer

No problem!

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