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Netgear FSV318 and 20mb Internet Connection

mcrouch1 asked
My goal is to distribute a 20mb internet connection to my users as cost effectively as possible.

I have a Netgear Prosafe FSV318 VPN Firewall that works great on our current 5mb connection but when I try to use this firewall our new20mb circuit I only get 8-9mbps down and 5mbps up.  I have tested the circuit with my laptop and confirmed 20/20 service.  I dont think the Netgear will handle anything over 10mb?  

My question is, taking cost into consideration, what VPN Firewall will be able to handle a 20mb circuit?  I will have roughly 40 users hitting this circuit daily.  

My backbone switch is a Cisco 45003 w/Advanced IP IOS.  Wondering if I could land the circuit here but not sure how to get all the routing and security in place for remote connections and such?  

*EDIT*  I have done some research and I am looking at upgrading to a Netgear FVS338 VPN Firewall.  It has 60mb Wan to Lan Thoughput.  Cost is $300.  Is this a viable solution or is there a better firewall out there for $300

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Director, SD-WAN Solutions
Sounds good for $300. I personally use sonicwall, the top end of the tz line is the 210 which is about $500-$600 without wireless or subscription services. If you drop down a notch you may find something for $300 but I've never bothered as I like the 210. Especially when your 20mbps Internet line is probably costing over $1000/mo. Don't skimp on the router.
Get what you are familiar with, if you know cisco get that.


So i picked up a Netgear Prosafe SRXN3205 for the wireless N and ssl VPN capability.  It is up and running and im getting about 26mbps down.  Upload is not rate limited correctly but ISP is working on that.  Now I just have to figure out how to get the SSL configured and working.  I may need some help on that.
I'll answer the part about how to do the routing and security.

You can surely land the circuit on the 4500 given you have the right interface (100Mbps or 1G) with the right transceiver.
Then you just need to configure that interface in a new (let's call it OUTSIDE_VLAN).
Then plug your Netgear into another port of the 4500 and configure it in the same VLAN.

Then just do the routing on the Netgear, and configure another INSIDE_VLAN which will handle the traffic post the firewall... so dedicate another interface (or DOT1Q if supported by the firewall) and that will be the interface on the 4500 that the servers will need to point to as the default gateway.


I ended up just buying a higher end Firewall and just connecting it to a switchport on the 4500 with default configs and letting it find its way out.  Still having DNS issues but that is just AD being stubbord I think. Thanks for the feedback.

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