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Crystal Reports hidden and/or conditionally suppressed (based on group level) sections

lcallah93 asked
Hello experts -

I have some questions regarding how the underlying data appears when using hidden sections in Crystal.  I hope I can explain my issue correctly -

I have some group and detail level data conditionally suppressed in the section expert based on the group level.  For example:

drilldowngrouplevel=0 (Group Header 3a)


drilldowngrouplevel<>3 (Group Header 3b)

I also have the detail section hidden with the option of drill down.

My question is this - how does the report deal with the hidden data when the user access it?  Does the report go back to the database to refresh the data when the appropriate sections are shown (proper group level is reached or the user clicks to drill down to the details)?  It seems like the data is already there but just stored locally (or something) b/c there is no delay when it becomes unhidden.

Thank you.
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Crystal builds the hidden parts since they may be required for summary values. and also so it can know the potential pagination.


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