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How do I complete some quick & simple SEO to see immediate results

Looking to show proof of concept for SEO prior to paying for a service.
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Are you providing the SEO advice, or trying to test out an SEO firm to see if they are providing good SEO advice?


Sorry for the late reply, but Im researching it so that I can  compently provide solutions for new taskings. After checking around I started to ask my self if the paid services were a tad expensive but considering the time saved so I can focus else where became obvious.
The main time spent performing seo is article writiing, subitting Articles to multiple sites, then submitting urls of both above articles and ur site to multiple websites.

I have paid for this to be done and also done it myself on another site (both worked well). I honestly believe the £200 or so I paid a month was well worth the time saved. The tasks take 3 days of boring repetitive submissions per month which is far better farmed out


it worked

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