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HP ProCurve - VLAN Issues

Hello All,

 I'm trying to setup a single VLAN on a HP ProCurve 1810-8G Switch.

 My goal is to segregate a separate domain and domain controller from the production in house network. I need to provide the separate domain with internet access.

 On the HP I have setup another VLAN (2) and tagged it as participating in VLAN 2. I have also untagged the port in VLAN 1.

 IP Ranges in house;

 Production network: 192.168.1.X
 SBS Server:
 HP ProCurve 1810G:
 Separate DC:

The separate DC is not allowed to see any other PCs or servers on the network, which is why I am using a VLAN. It will be used as a hosted terminal server for a different business entity.

 I have the feeling I am doing the IP Addressing incorrectly. Should the 1810 be on my 192.168.1.x network? or the 192.168.10.x network?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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The HP  1810-8G is a layer 2 switch which means no routing. When you create a VLAN it’s like having a separate physical switch. The two networks can’t see each other at all. If you want them both to have internet access you need a router. What I would do is just plug the WAN port of a little broadband router into your main LAN. That way you get 2 separate networks with internet access. One nested inside the other.


I knew I was missing something. Thanks!

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