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Looking for a simple, good home surveillance system

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I've recently had some trouble in my neighborhood and am looking for an inexpensive system to monitor things.  I'm thinking something with two cameras and some kind of way to record the feed for a couple of days which will automatically overwrite as needed.  Ideally I'd like to be able to view the live feeds in a browser but that isn't a must-have feature.  Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced model?  The less wires involved the better.  Thanks!
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I would look at Newegg. They have several systems from 1 to 16 cameras with lots of options, including night vision cameras and remote viewing in browsers and smart phones. I would not limit myself to 2 cameras. Make sure your system has more channels than your currently need. That way, you can add cameras later.

On the less-expensive side...

Logitech has a product called Logitech Alert:

LukWerks has a kit, Wilife DVS800I you may want to consider.

Compare the features between them and see how they work for your taste.
Obviously pros and cons with each.
I've demo'd several different types of the the years, no monitoring system beats the best "common sense" safety precations one can take to secure their own area, but these two were sufficient.

My name is MudSystems Engineer
In order for you to get a lowest system, you need to search for parts and assemble you self, nothing you could not handle...

4 ch. dvr diskless... http://www.gadspot.com/    ~100
2 cammeras outdoor + 12 3amps Power supply... http://shoppingcctv.com/    ~ 64
4 baluns + 60 meters of cat5 cable + 500g hdd... http://www.ebay.com/   ~100

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