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Best place to post developer job ads

ITDeptAtPCS asked

We're looking to hire a very high level or senior web developer; basically someone to steer our internal development boat.  This person must have programming experience within the finance industry and have experience managing small teams and multiple projects.

Where would you post this ad?  Is there a specific source you would use for hiring this type of individual?  

I know the mess of resumes I've received in the past when posting for developers.  Was hoping there was a better way to find the right talent.

What have you experienced?

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I would say dice more than likely but, if you dont want to get so many resumes then i would contact a recruiter.  Yes you do have to pay a premium for their services but, it saves you a heck of a lot of hastle.  Where are located exactly, I can make recommendations based on your location if you like.



A recruiter though?  Whenever I post job ads elsewhere, recruiters always contact me with candidates that they "think" would be perfect for the spot and they always seem to be way off the mark; like they're just trying to fill a spot.
You have to qualify the recruiter.  Most of them are just sales people but, if you specifically tell them exactly what you need them to do ( IE:  i need the developer to answer these questions correctly, i need the developer to write this block of code ... ) they most often will comply with your request.  Anything you can do to help filter out the junk resumes at their level will make the hiring process easier for you.  I can give you the name of someone locally here in Memphis that can help you.  He is not really a recruiter per say working for a single company but, more of a broker and has "YOU" the clients needs in his interest when he searches.

You can hire Experts here. Find the one that you think fit your need, click on their name for the profile and click Hire Me under their avatar.

Else you can have a look on http://www.freelancer.com, there are many experts there too. You got to offer them better though.
khairil does have a great point, if you leverage your membership here you can find GREAT developers and can save the money on the recruitment fee's...  I completely forgot about the Hire link.  


I'll have to check that out.  I wasn't aware of that feature.  Thanks to both of you!

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