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What user settings are synced when using roaming profiles?

msidnam asked
I was wondering if any knows or might have a site that lists what gets synced with roaming profiles. I know office settings should get synced, however im seeing that toolbar custimizations are not (for excel, word and outlook).

I know some programs settings (we use WinSCP and the settings dont sync) wont sync but was also wondering if any 3rd party programs exist that will allow them to.

We are using Windows 2008 R2. We have a share drive that has all the profiles and we've set up the servers identical.

Thank you.
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You can use sync manager on Windows 2003 to define what to sync, but not sure how it works in 2008.

See Guide:


Roaming profiles should copy basically the contents of the User profile found on the PC, so essentially:

Application data Program-specific data¿for example, a custom dictionary.
Cookies User information and preferences.
Desktop Desktop items, including files, shortcuts, and folders.
Favorites Shortcuts to favorite locations on the Internet.
Local Settings Application data, History, and Temporary files.
My Documents User documents.
My Pictures User picture items.
NetHood Shortcuts to My Network Places items.
PrintHood Shortcuts to printer folder items.
Recent Shortcuts to the most recently used documents and accessed folders.
SendTo Shortcuts to document-handling utilities.
Start Menu Shortcuts to program items.
Templates User template items

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