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Multiple WCF Service Calls

Kevin Robinson
I am writing a Silverlight Client.

Part of this client syncs contacts to IContact (an on-line marketing tool)

There are problems connecting to IContact from silverlight (I wont go into that here).  No problem I just created a service in the Silverlight web project and wrapped up the Icontact service call.  All good.

The IContact service I am calling is AddContact.  This service returns a response with details of success failure etc.   My set-up basically works OK for a few contacts however it seems to fall down when adding lots (I will to at times add 1000s of contacts).   What I need is a architecture to allow adding 1000s of contacts while still receiving the responses back all in an asynchronous fashion.

Silverlight Client          Domain Service            IContact

             >>>>>>>>>>>>  Add Contact               >>  Add Contact

 << Receive Response            << Receive Response
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