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dropdown values is not changing by clicking up and down arrow

praveen1981 asked

How can i change the dropdown values by clicking on UP and Down arrow in MVC

Please suggest.
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Please explain your issue in more depth.  This isnt enough information,  I need to see the code and understand your requirements a little more.

Browsers do that automatically, you do not need any code for that.

Just open a random page with a dropdownlist in your browser, click on the dropdown and then use your up and down keys. See what happens.

Oh and browsers might even be smarter then you think. Open a random dropdownlist and click a character on your keyboard: if there is an option in the dropdown starting with that character, the browser will jump to that one. Automatically. No code required.

The Problem was solved

As it is having some validation which is returning false, so , i changed it to retrun true then it is working fine


It solved

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