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SFTP Site Setup

TSB14883 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
I need to pull in a file (daily) from a new on-line vendor and they are requesting that I setup a site that they can send the via to via SFTP. I am looking for an easy and cheap way to do this as we do not currently have anything in house.
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WinSCP is free - also an alternative would be to use FTPS in Windows Server 2008 R2 IIS which is FTP over HTTPS instead of FTP over SSH
This would be free with linux.

Get an old desktop, install linux, make them a username and open port 22 on your firewall.


Can WinSCP be used if we do not host our own website? The install instructions of this software indicate connection to the site that hosts the the/our website. That is outsourced. Could I use an server in house? This is all new to me, so I appreciate the additional details.
The 30 day free trial of Robo-FTP Server is super easy to get going in SFTP mode because it can generate its own SSH keys.  You can run it on your own computer but if it is inside the firewall you'll need to forward port 22.

1. Download from here: http://www.robo-ftp.com/download/
2. Install the software then run the "Server Console" ... click thru the 30day eval stuff at the beginning.
3. Click the "Install" button to start it as a Windows Service under the default Network Service account
4. Click the "SFTP Server" menu, switch to Server Keys tab, create both keys then click "Apply" button
5. Switch back to "General Settings" tab, choose root folder then click "Start SFTP" button
6. Click the "Users" menu, click "New" button, type user name, select SFTP
7. Click "SFTP Logon Details" and set password and user's home folder then click "OK" then "Apply"

Now you have an SFTP server!   It is not free but it is not expensive for supported commercial software.  By supported, I mean you can open a ticket and get help from a real person instead of posting on a forum and hoping for a useful response.

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