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Silverlight wait for ASP.NET code to complete

I have a project with a silverlight control and some ASP.NET code to work with a WSHttpBinding, because Silverlight doesn't seem to work with WSHttp. I can pass objects from Silverlight to ASP.NET and back using serialization, and I have my ASP.NET code fire when a hidden field changes(it gets populated from the silverlight side). Is there some way I can get some Silverlight code to fire when I change the value of another ASP.NET hidden field (where I pass it a list object)? And/or could I somehow get Silverlight to wait for the ASP.NET code to finish executing?
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Use javascript.  You can call methods inside silverlight from aspx page and  vice versa.

check out the link,
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I felt that the most elegant solution was to build and use a WCF service.